Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Book Review: The Selection by Kiera Cass

I just finished reading The Selection and The Elite, the first 2 books of The Selection Trilogy and I cannot wait until May for the 3rd Book, The One.

I wanted to the book reviews on a series once I have completed all the series but because there is a big gap between now and May I decided to do the reviews now.  On this post I'll be reviewing the first book, The Selection.

Let's start with book one, THE SELECTION

Book one starts with our main character, America explaining about our country and the selection and the castes.  The country is Illea and is divided into 7 castes.  America belongs to caste 5, where artist and singers live.  They have to get work on that area, they can only pick a job that corresponds to their caste.

America also talks about how there are rebels that attack the palace because they hate Illea. 

The Selection is like "The Bachelor", the prince of Illea, is at the age where he is ready to find his wife, his princess, the country's system says that 35 girls are picked from every caste for a chance to win the prince's heart.  All the girls get to live in the palace for an unlimited time until the prince decides who he has fallen in love with and marries that girl.

America is really not interested in the Selection, she is secretly in love and dating a boy from caste Six, his name is Aspen.  However her mother convinces her to just fill out the paperwork and submit it together with her picture.  America doesn't think that she would get picked, she doesn't think there is nothing special about her and she only agreed because her mother made the promise that she could start keeping some of her earned money to herself, which for her means that she can save money to marry Aspen.  America and Aspen meets after curfew in her childhood tree house in her backyard.  One night during one of their meetings, Aspen gets so upset with America that he breaks up with America.  She is devastated.

America gets another surprised when her name gets picked for the Selection.  She goes thinking that he may actually be good to get away from everything, especially Aspen.

When America gets to the palace she is so surprised with how everything is, how the girls are excited about this competition.  She decides that she should make some friends while she is here.  She meets Prince Maxon during her first night there, she feels trapped and while trying to get outside she is stopped by guards and Maxon comes to the rescue, allowing America to go outside and get fresh air.  They start having a connection there (that's my opinion) but America can only think of Maxon as a friend.

They started talking and America confess to Maxon the reason she is there, most importantly how much she loves their food.  She tells Maxon that she can help him deciding which girls he should give a chance and their relationship starts from there.  They share their first kiss in this book.

The book also gives you an overview of the other girls, the friendship of America and another girl, Marlee and also the rebels.

Oops, I think I may have gone a little overboard with this review.  I do recommend this book so much, if you like Young Adult, Dystopian books with a little romance in it, then you'll enjoy it.

That's it for the first book review.  I'll be posting the 2nd book, The Elite review still this week...