Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March Wrap up

My very first book wrap up, March was a great month for reading books.  The weather in New England was just...what can I say, winter? It was cold, Spring came and the good weather didn't.  Come on, I need sunshine NOW.
Well, let's get back to the point.  I read a lot, I mean a LOT, I didn't realize how much I read until I just saw my list.  Let's start this list:

Richelle Mead:
Bloodlines-The Indigo Spell, it's the 3rd in this series. I really like this book, we got to really get to  know Sydney in this book.

Bloodlines-The Fiery Heart, 4th book of Bloodlines.  I LOVE this book, I cannot, I mean, cannot wait for 5th book to come out this summer.  CANNOT wait. 

Kiera Cass
The Selection, it's the first book in this series.  It does start off a little slow, but trust me, once it starts getting good you don't want to put this book down.  Love it.

The Elite, book 2 of The Selection Trilogy.  Really, really good book, I was happy reading it, I was angry at time, so many emotions.  3rd book is coming out in May and I cannot wait for it.  I hate waiting for the new books to come out.

Rick Riordan
Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series, I read all 5 books in about 2 weeks.  Where have I been all this time.  Well, I really didn't think I would like these books, that it was really for 8-10 year old, but I was wrong and I'm so glad that I pick it up and read them.  The 5 books are: The Lightning Thief, The Sea of Monsters, The Titan's Curse, The Battle of the Labyrinth and The Last Olympian.  Totally worth reading...

And the last book was by James Dashner, The Maze Runner.  I'm not sure about it, I had so many mixed feelings about this book.  I'm finishing up book 2 probably today and I am enjoying a little more. 

That's it, 10 books in total, CRAZY.  But that' what happens when you are reading series and they are SO good.  I recommend all the books above, even the mixed feelings ones lol