Friday, March 14, 2014

Book Review: The Elite by Kiera Cass

Today's book review is The Elite by Kiera Cass, the second book on The Selection Trilogy and so far my favorite.

On the 2nd book the Selection is down to 6 girls and America is really starting to think that she is having some feelings for Maxon, that is when Aspen is not around and make her feel things that she didn't think it would be possible again. She is confused but she is trying hard to figure out what she wants.

We also get to see more of the rebels, America almost gets kidnapped when the rebels attack the palace again.  She takes an interest on the rebels, as to what they want exactly and she shares her views with Maxon.

The families of the Elite get to visit the palace and get to enjoy a Halloween party, America loves the whole idea.  And on Halloween night she really thinks that she can be with Maxon forever, that is until...

The most terrible thing happens when Marlee gets caught with one of the guards.  All the girls are dressed in black and brought outside to watch the punishment for such a thing.  Marlee is America's best friend and when she sees Marlee get caned with 15 strikes she can't take looking at it without doing anything and she starts to protest and calls Maxon to stop it, but he never moves, the guards eventually remove America from the scene.  She doesn't forgive Maxon for allowing that to happen.  And because of that she throws herself at Aspen, he is safe, he is someone she can trust and she doesn't just that, meeting with him whenever they can, stealing kisses from one another.

Maxon does confess to America what happened with Marlee and even allows the girls to talk again. (Don't want to give to much spoilers here)

The girls in the Selection are learning a lot of new things, history, how to throw parties and America starts to get interested on that.  She learns and learns and learns and when the girls are asked to present a report during live TV on something that think should change and why.  America finally finds a subject that will throw everybody off and when she presents, things for her don't look so well, so much as she almost gets kicked out of the Selection.  (You need to read for all the little details :)

I loved this book so much, I couldn't put it down, I was done reading in a day and a half.  And now I cannot wait for the third book to come out, I really think the release date needs to move up SOON.