Sunday, August 14, 2011


I was so excited to get so many good deals on a shopping trip last week to Kohl's, Target and CVS...
Here is the breakdown...

Let's Start with Kohl's, I got all these accessories for under $15 for all of them...go check their clearance sale going on worth it :)

 Then, I stopped by the shoe aisle just to check it out and I came home with all of these babies...and all of them for under $50...I know so awesome :)
 Then me and my mom and my little princess stop by Target and I saw these for $9 and had to bring them home, you know just so my above sandals would have some company :)
 Then I had to go to CVS to pick up my mom's medication and had to bring these home, with some coupons and I got all of them for under $20...I have plenty of mascara to try the next couple months and I had been dying to get the Revlon lip gloss in Hot Pink for quite a while now so I'm SO HAPPY :)

I can't stop smiling and a week has gone by...I'm Happy Happy Happy