Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Global Green USA's Green School Makeover

I thing we all would love to see our schools becoming GREEN, and know that our children are on a better and safe environment.  When a school goes green, children benefit – as well as the environment!

Here is some of the things that Green schools lead to:
Improved student performance. When children learn in classrooms with natural daylight, improved sound quality and non-toxic paints, test scores can improve as much as 25%. Attendance also improves! More funds for student resources
 Now you can make nominate your school by entering the Global Green USA's Green School Makeover contest presented by Pureology.  Also, if you are an Influenster member, Pureology is giving a bonus gift if enter the contest. That's a win win situation, you get a gift and your school could win a green makeover. Awesome :)

If you want to learn more about nominating your school, please go to www.pureology.com/greenschools

I became aware of this competition by being a member an Influenster member.  Visit them at www.influenster.com to learn more about them also. 

Thank you all


. When a school is "greened," water and energy costs can be reduced by as much as 40%. These funds can be channeled back into resources that directly benefit students, such as textbooks, computers and other essentials. Reduced carbon footprint. Greening a school significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions that cause global warming, which affects us all.