Monday, July 21, 2014

What's In My Beach Bag?

What’s in My Beach/Pool/Boating Bag?

1-The Bag: Got it at last Black Friday at Bath and Body Works (I removed the bow that was attached and love it to bring it with me to the beach).

2-Hat-Got at Target last year and I still LOVE IT.  It makes me feel sophisticate at the beach lol
3-Sunglasses-I am such a sunglasses junkie…the more I have the more I want, but I always get discounted or really cheap sunglasses because the more I have also the more I lose lol.  I really like the ones from F21 like the aviators in the picture, stylish but wicked cheap, the other sunglasses is by Becky Johnson, I got it at TJMaxx for about $16.
4-Sunscreens: Face OMG, for sure this is my favorite product for the summer. Olay Fresh BB Cream doesn’t give you that much coverage but what I love most about it is that it has SPF and you can reapply it during the day while you are out in the sun.  And it smells AMAZING.  I also got this mini sample in one of my Ipsy bags; it’s by MD Solar Sciences, has SPF 30 and let’s not forget that is tinted, YEAH.  Body: I really like this one by Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration SPF 30, but I do switch it up a lot during the summer.

5-Bikini- I will confess (not easy but), I gain a little weight these last few months while recuperating from a concussion and because of that I’m into the tankinis, this one is from Target and I ALWAYS buy my bikinis/tankinis at the end of season for sooo much cheaper.


6-Cover up-Most of the time you will see me with shorts and a tank top, but there are times that I like a nice cover up, I got this one at Walmart last year at Cape Cod (as you can see).
7-FlipFlops-I don’t know about you but this is one of the reasons I love summer, Flip-flops J I usually hit the $1 Old Navy sale every year, but I didn’t this year (Bummer).  These ones are from last year’s sale, colorful to be easy to find them at the beach hahaha
8-Beauty Items: Olay Fresh BB Cream (see aboveJ), Waterproof Mascara I actually just got this one from my Ipsy bag this month and I love it, the packaging  is so darn cute, I love how the top looks like it has water drops) it’s by Pur Big Look with Argan Oil. Lip balm: EOS, I have been using EOS lip balms for years and I still cannot get enough of them.
9-Water/Drinks: I always carry water or some other drink to the beach, I not a usually someone that drinks a lot during the day, but when I am at the beach I kind do get thirsty.  This is by far my favorite flavored water, strawberries and mint-so delicious.  Do you like flavored water? What is your favorite?

10-Snacks: It’s just a need.  It varies every time I go, but I always bring some kind of fruit, nuts, and crunchy stuff

11-Reading Materials: I love reading and going to the beach just means more reading time and that makes me so happy.  I am currently reading Hexed, I’m still under medical care for the concussion and I am not allowed to spend too much time reading so I have been doing about 10-15min only.
Love my Samsung Note tablet...currently still reading Hexed, loving it.


12-Hair Pieces: Pretty explanatory, right?  My hair is curly and frizzy, I don’t get those beachy waves so I need hair ties to pull my hair up and look somewhat decent…I bring a clip and an elastic.


And that’s what I usually bring with me to the beach, what about you?
Here is a beautiful Sunset at Cape Cod...