Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Book Review: Saven Deliverance by Siobhan Davis

Time for another book review and this is the last book of the Saven series, if you love Aliens and romance and lots of political intrigue and everything in between?  This series is for you...

As always this will contain spoilers if you haven't read the first four books so don't read it if you haven't.  And here are my reviews: Saven Deception, Saven Disclosure, Saven Denial, Saven Defiance.

Let's get to it:

Saven Deliverance by Siobhan Davis

From GoodReads:
I’ve been lied to and betrayed my whole life.
Revealing the truth is the only thing that matters.
The truth truly will set us free.

With the political landscape shifting in the galaxy, and the tenuous situation on Earth growing more fraught by the day, Sadie knows time is running out to save mankind. Torn between conflicting agendas, she is forced to make difficult choices that lead to bloody battles and situations she’s not entirely comfortable with. 

But this is war, and war means sacrifice.

Ax’s betrayal weighs heavy on her heart and her mind, but it doesn’t override her concern for his welfare. Her desire to protect both the boys she loves is as strong as ever. 

Logan has been inaugurated as the new Saven king, but he’s struggling to cope with the pressure of responsibility and the revelation about who Axton is. His people are strongly opposed to Sadie, but she is his forever love and he won’t do anything without her by his side. Faced with impossible obstacles, he is preparing to make the ultimate sacrifice in the name of love.

When the final battle draws near, and it’s time to fight the enemy head on, who will be left standing? And will there be anything left to fight for?


Sadie and Logan are together and ready to fight and save the mankind, but they know it won't be easy, especially who they have to fight in order to save the rest.

Sadie still cannot believe what Ax did and his betrayal hurts even when she doesn't want it to.  But she is willing to prove both boys that she loves them both, each in a different way and she is going to make them understand how important they are to her.

Logan is the new Saven king, but it's not an easy task, things in Saven is not easy and some of his people are strongly against Sadie, but he is not giving up in proving that she is the right person to be by his side.  He will do anything to prove it, even if he has to make a sacrifice.

Be prepared for lots and lots of actions, but also lots of romance and friendship moments.  And the end will not disappoint you at all. 

Loved how this book wrapped up the whole series, once I was done?  I wanted more and ended up reading another one of it's novellas :)

5 out of 5 stars and I totally recommend this series to anyone who loves some aliens with romance and war and action in it.

What are you waiting for, go read it!!!!