Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Book Review: Every Body Yoga by Jessamyn Stanley

Yeah....time for another book review and you must be wondering if I'm okay, right?  This is not the type of book that I would usually reach for it and read.  But for the last six months I have got into Yoga and I really love it, if I don't go to Yoga for more than two days I feel it in my body, in my mood.  Yoga really becomes part of you, part of your life and when I'm there, it's just me and my mat and even if I'm not perfect, I'm relaxed, my mind is relaxed and that is huge and the main reason I started doing it.  But anyways, let's get back to today's topic and review, my library had this book for grabs and my little hand was up in the air in a heart beat and I read it in one seating...

Every Body Yoga by Jessamyn Stanley


So, Jessamyn is not your typical Yogi, I'm pretty sure you are already know that,  you can see that on the book cover.  Or you probably have heard about her online, she does have a blog or instagram...yeah she is all over the place now a days.  But in this book she will tell you how she got into Yoga.  And don't expect her to be soft and lovey dove because she is not, she tells you like it is, she will even swear if it is needed.  So if you want to know how she got into Yoga, read the book.  Want to know how someone like Jessamyn can do Yoga, read the book.  If you are not sure if you can do Yoga and need some inspiration?  Read this book.  And the best part about the book is that towards the end of it she will even give you some poses and how to do them step by step.

There really isn't much to say about this book besides, everyone should read it.  A yogi or not...it will give you confidence, love your own body and make you want to do things that you have been wanting to do but are not sure about it.  5 out 5 stars.