Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Reading Challenges for 2017

I'm putting some big girl pants on and going to participate on some Reading Challenges this year, I read lots of books already and I'm usually all over the place.  But this year I want to really cut down my TBR, finish series and want to really just participate on some of the cool Reading Challenges that some amazing bloggers do.  I have picked six of them and I am SO WICKED SUPER EXCITED about it already, now let's just hope I keep up with all of them.

Another new thing that I started this year was a Bullet Journal and I really think that this new friend is going to really help me out with these challenges and keeping everything organized.

Let's take a look at all the challenges?

First up:

Challenge: Flights of Fantasy

Goal: No minimum of books to read, the reader is encouraged to set their own goal for how many fantasy books to read in 2017

Official Hashtag: #flightsoffantasy

More Info: Please click on the hosts names for more information on the challenge.  The full schedule for the year has been posted on their blogs, there will be giveaways and lots of more info.

My GOAL: 25-I'm not going to go too crazy, 25 seems a reasonable number, right? 2016 was the year that I really got into fantasy and this year I really want to read more and more of it.

Some books on my list already:

*Throne of Glass Series (it's about time to start this series and hopefully I will start and finish it)
*The Invasion of the Tearling (second book of The Queen of the Tearling and I'm hoping to get to the 3rd one too)
*Truthwitch (Yeah I've heard lots great things about this one and don't know why I haven't pick it up yet)
*The Grisha Trilogy (another trilogy that I have no clue why I haven't read it yet)
*Six of Crows (I have been wanting to start this one but will not do it until I read the one above first)
*Frost Like Night (about time to finish this one)
*The Magician's Trilogy (I watched The Magician's show and I'm hooked and need the books)


Challenge: Contemporary Romance Reading Challenge 2017

Hosts: Andi's ABC

Goal: There are different levels to chose from.

Official Hashtag: #ContRom2017

More Info:Click on the host's name and it will bring to her post about the challenge about monthly link-ups and giveaways!

My GOAL: 16-20 books HOME RUN- I love contemporary books and this will be a great excuse to read more :)

Some books on my list already:

*I'll Meet You There
*Looking for Alaska
*My Life Next Door
*After You
*Amy & Roger's Epic DeTour

And Next:

Challenge: 2017 New Release Challenge

Goal: Again, there are different levels to chose from. 

Official Hashtag: #2017NewReleaseChallenge

More Info: Click on the links above for more information, there will be monthly link-ups and giveaways!

My GOAL: 1-30 books-New Release Newbie

Some books on my list already:

*The Bone Witch-currently reading
*A Court of Wings and Ruin
*Caraval-I have been hearing so many great things about this book, I just want it now :)
*Always and Forever, Lara Jean
*Frost Blood
*Gilded Cage

Next up:

Challenge: 2017 Diverse Reads Book Challenge

Goal: Set your own goal (pick out of 1 category per month for a total of 12 books)

Official Hashtag: #DiverseReads2017

More Info: Click on their links for a lot of more information.

My GOAL: 12 books-1 each month

Diverse Books:

I'm actually referring back to the list that the hosts have on their blogs, every month for each categories they have a number of books to choose from and because this is the first time that I'm participating of a challenge like this I need all the help that I can get and the list is perfect.  Why?  Because I was reading the list and there are books there that I already owe or that I have been meaning to read and I never thought that it would be good for this challenge so...perfect!!!

Guess what? Next...

Challenge: Rock My TBR 2017 Reading Challenge

Goal: Read a minimum of 1 book per month that was previously published.

Official hashtag: #RockMyTBR

Info: If you click on the hosts blog post you can find out all about the Rock My TBR challenge.

My GOAL: 24-if I get to read 2 books a month that I already owe? I will be a very happy girl.

Books that I really should get to it:

*City of Heavenly Fire-let's not talk about it, okay?
*Lady Midnight
*Assassin's Heart
*A Torch Against the Night
*Hollow City


Challenge: 2017 Prequel & Sequel Challenge

Goal: Read prequels, sequels and novellas to catch up on series.  And start and finish whole series.

Info: Click on the hosts posts to learn ALL about it.

My GOAL: 51-75 points-Advanced.  I really want to read lots of novellas and sequels and most of all start and finish series this year.

PreQuels/ Sequels and Series that I want to get to:

*The Orphan Queen
*Throne of Glass
*The Queen of the Tearling

And that's all the reading challenges that I want to participate...are you participating on any?