Thursday, December 8, 2016

Book Review: Peak by Roland Smith

After the last book review, this book review is like a break, because this book was all about adventure and it was told by the eyes of a teenager boy (totally not something that I usually read).  Bottom line?  I really enjoyed it, so let's get to the review:

Peak by Roland Smith

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Peak is fourteen years old, lives in New York City and he loves climbing, which is a passion that he got from both his parents.  And because of his passion of climbing he decides to start climbing skyscrapers, however while doing one of his skyscrapers' climbing he gets caught and ends up in jail and sentenced.  In came is father who offers the to finish raising him halfway across the world so he can avoid going to jail or anything like that.  The judge agrees to it and Peak leaves on the same day with his dad.

When he is halfway around the world, Peak finds out that his dad has a different plan all along, he gives Peak the opportunity to climb Mount Everest and become the youngest climber to top the mountain ever.

I didn't think I would have enjoyed this book as much as I did, but I was wrong, Peak was so great as a main character and I loved reading from his point of view.  And I got to learn so much about Mount Everest and what it takes to actually climb it, it is not as easy as I thought it would be.

One of the other things that I loved about this book was the family issues and relationships, Peak could have been the trouble kid in New York City but once he was taken away from his mom, twin sisters and even step dad, he missed them and we got to see how much he wanted to go back to them.  And we also got to see his relationship with his dad, he loves him but not seeing your dad ever does take is toll and you get to see how much in a book like this.

And friendship, Peak created a friendship while across the world and wow, Peak grew up while there and what he did at the end?  That's a friend for sure...

Do I recommend Peak?  Totally, it was an easy read and not too long of a book either and you will love to learn about adventure, Mount Everest and friendship and family.

4.5 stars out of 5.