Thursday, December 29, 2016

Book Review: The Mirror King by Jodi Meadows

While last topic I talk about a book that was part of a trilogy that I still had to finish, today's book review is part of a duology that I did finish (well if you don't count all the novellas that I still haven't read, FAIL).  Let's just jump to the review and talk about how the duology finished :)

The Mirror King by Jodi Meadows


Wilhelmina is ready to take her crown, but declaring herself queen also means declaring war and she isn't sure if that's what she really wants.  Her magic is all over the place and her wraith boy is also uncontrollable, but willing to do anything for her.

Wilhelmina is caught between what she wants and what is right and even having a throne may not matter.  The wraith is destroying the Indigo Kingdom villages a lot quicker than they thought it would and she has to think quickly what to do to save not only her Kingdom but her people too.

While she thinks that her ability may be just the thing to help save her kingdom, it could also ruin it forever.  Will she do it?

Wil had so much going on in this book, she had to think about her magic and what is was causing and been afraid to use it and hurt herself and people around her.  But she also had to start thinking about her kingdom and her people and that meant take her crown back finally, but it also meant war and she wasn't ready for it.  But a queen is never ready, is she?  Then she had the wraith boy and she just wasn't sure what to think of him, as he was willing to do anything for her, anything AT ALL.  And then there was Tobias and their feelings for each other and decisions to make and so much happened to them that broke my heart into millions of pieces and it wasn't just one time either, multiple times.  Thanks Jodi Meadows.

Over all, it was a great ending, but there was some parts in the book that dragged, but I still enjoyed it a lot and I totally recommend this duology.  4.5 out 5 stars.