Monday, October 10, 2016

Book Review: Twisted Palace by Erin Watt

I can't even believe that I'm about to review this book, I want just have to say Thank You to the authors for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book by giving me an eARC and their team for sending these ARCs out all last Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  I got mine Friday and devour it and LOVED it.  So, let's jump right into this review.

Here is my review for Paper Princess and Broken Prince and as always this will contain Spoilers if you haven't read the first two books so please don't read if you don't want to be spoiled.

Twisted Palace by Erin Watt


The book picks up right were Broken Prince left us, with Reed getting interrogated at the Police station because of Brooke's death.  Yes, Brooke is dead, she really is dead, it's not a trick like many of us wanted it to be.  And Reed is the main suspect because he was the last one that saw her alive and there are cameras at that shows him going to see her and then shows him leaving 20 minutes later.  The camera doesn't show anyone else coming or go.  The worst is that the service camera was out of service so we don't know if anyone used that way to go in and out (I know, weird, right?).

Ella is freaking out because Reed was taken and accused of murder.  She doesn't even know what to think of it anymore, deep down she knows he didn't do it, but he did have a motive, could he have done it?  She is going crazy with worry and crazy thoughts and now she has one more thing to worry about, Steve.  Her biological father is somehow reappeared.  He was supposed to be dead and right after Reed was taken to jail, Steve was knocking at the door.  Callum told him that he could stay at the house but she isn't sure what to think of him.

Reed comes home from the police station, but his case is open and he still remains the main suspect of Brooke's murder.  His lawyer has a case and he needs to find a way to get Reed out of jail or Reed can face a sentence of 25 years or even life if whoever killed Brooke never shows up.

Ella backs Reed up on everything but once Steve finds out that they are together and that Ella is his daughter, he doesn't take that too well.  And to make matters worse he decides to take Ella out of the Royal's household and move her in with him and Dinah.  Ella and the Royals are not happy about it at all but there is nothing they can do about it as Steve is her father.

Ella and Reeds relationship is everything in this books, they are more in love than ever and even though Reed is facing murder chargers Ella proves it to Reed that she loves him more than ever.  I freaking love these two together and I'm not going to spoil the book but their relationship reached everything and more in this book.  It was perfect.

Callum, I felt so bad for him in this book.  I think he suffered the most, besides Reed himself facing the murder changers, Callum was there for him every step of the way.  And then he was there for Ella and he had to go deal with Brooke's death and her baby death's truth.  He needs a happy ending and he didn't get in this book.  Hopefully he will get it?

The other Royals, Gid, East and the twins, we didn't get to see much of them in this book as Twisted Palace was all about Ella and Reed so I'm really hopping that on East's book we will see lots and lots of them.

Dinah, I'm just going to say that she freaking surprised the crap out of me.  And that's it, you just need to read the book and be as surprised as me.  And you will be, trust me.

Steve, he started of as weird and like Ella I wanted to give him a chance.  And like Ella, he disappointed me a lot.  Oh Steve...WHY?

The killer?  I was surprised, maybe I shouldn't have been, but I wanted it to be a certain character but it wasn't that one, so when the truth came out?  Oh, that surprised me a lot and it hurt me but it also made lots of sense.

The end left questions un-answered because it looks like we are getting a couple Easton's books and I couldn't be more happy (does happy dance-literally lol) and I cannot wait for them.  But for this book and for Ella and Reed's story I gave 5 out of 5 stars.  It was everything and more than I was expecting.  The writing was amazing again and the twist and story line was amazing too.  Job well done ladies :)