Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Favorite Places to Read

Do you have a favorite place to read?  Do you only read on a certain place?  Or can you read anywhere?

I do have favorite places to read, but I also can read anywhere, pretty much...I think.  I especially love having my kindle app and downloading as many books there as I can and be able to read anywhere.  For example, now a days I spend lots of times at doctors offices, either for my parents or even for myself (as you may or may not know I was in a car accident a couple years ago and suffered a Mild Brain Injury-Concussion- and have been suffering from headaches ever since and therefore I see lots and lots of doctors and spend so much time on doctors office) and while I'm waiting on a doctors office, if I don't have my physical book with me I just pull out my Kindle or my phone and read, 10 minutes or 20 minutes?  It gets my mind out of the appt and relaxes me.  I also read while my husband is driving, if I don't have to talk (lol), sometimes he works late so I get to read at the dinner table while I'm eating by myself (bad habit? probably).  I read at work too, lunch break or not :)  There is also the days when I drop the kids to Karate classes and I have to wait for them, I read while I wait and watch them (multitasking-another bad habit lol).

But my favorite places to read and that I know that I will really read in peace and get lots of reading done are:

1. My bed, especially that time when everyone else is also in bed and sleeping, yeah that's the perfect and probably my favorite time.

2. In the boat, I love boating and when we get to go to our boat and my husband is taking care of boating things?  I get to enjoy reading and catching some sun at the same time.  Talking about perfection lol.

3. The beach, I mean...what is better than seating by the ocean and reading a book?  Nothing!

4. My backyard, yeah I get lots of reading there, even if the kids are around, they are playing and tiring themselves out together with the dog.  Perfect summer days!!!

5. My reading seat/corner in my bedroom, that's a new addition this year and I love it, my kids see me there and leave me alone because it's reading time :)  I love it when my little one comes with a book and joins me, yeah, she is my mini me and nothing makes me happier than seeing her doing something as productive as reading. ( I love this chair)

That's top favorite places to read, what are yours?  Where do you read?  Comment below...