Thursday, July 28, 2016

Book Review: Rise by Anna Carey

Book review time and we are reviewing the last book on the Eve trilogy, ah I'm sad and happy at the same time, this was such a great trilogy.  I loved reading it but I was so sad once it was over and I'm going to be sad again that I'm reviewing the last book :) :( are the first 2 reviews:  Eve and Once and let's jump in to the 3rd one:

Rise by Anna Carey

Eve is trapped in the palace and forced to play the part of the happy princess of The New America and the bride of her father's top adviser.  But her whole life is a lie.  Why?  After losing her soul mate, the love of her life, Caleb, she feels dead inside and outside.  The only thing that is keeping her going is Caleb's memory and the revolution he started.

She has taken over where he left off with the help of Moss.  Moss is the undercover subversive in the King's court and both of them are planning to take down The New America, beginning with the capital, the City of Sand.  But the rebels are to gain her trust and she has to perform the ultimate act of rebellion first-to kill her father, will she do it?

If I thought the first two books were full of actions, this book was hands down the top one.  And Eve?  She is one of the best female characters, nothing stopped her and she had a lot of things going one in this book that you will think she would back her down a bit but no, this girl was always on a roll.  Loved her and Caleb?  Ah, I love, love about someone that gives you space and lets you make your own decisions.  The ending?  Perfect and I loved that the author gave us more, we don't always get that in a book but I'm glad that we did.

The writing was great, I think it made a huge difference on these books, it was the kind of writing that grabbed you from the beginning and it was so easy to read to.  Ah and 5 out of 5 stars for this one too.