Monday, May 2, 2016

April 2016 Wrap Up

April is over and I'm still waiting for Spring to be here for good, it's one day good and another day cold, AH this least I have been reading a lot so that's a plus, right?

Here are the books that I have read this month, let's take a look?

1. Inside the Wall by A. Lotus: 4 Stars

I got this book from NetGalley (Thank You NetGalley) look at this cover, it totally drew me in, once I saw it I knew I wanted to read it and it was pretty good, it's a dystopian story, this place has been divided and they have taken the kids and made then assassins and have been making them fight each other to see who wins.  Pretty damn crazy and lots of action.

2. Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare: 5 Stars

Ah The Infernal Devices and Clockwork Angel, I read this book and fell in love, that's all I'm going to say right now.

3. Awake by Natasha Preston: 3 Stars

This book is nothing what I was expecting, I wanted a thriller and I didn't get that so it was a disappointment and the story?  A little weird and I just couldn't connect with the characters, more to come.

4. Soul Crossed by Lisa Gail Green: 3.5 Stars

Now Soul Crossed?  Yeah, this one was pretty good and I really ended up enjoyed, especially when I went in with low expectations.  A fallen angel and a fallen demon?  That's all you need to know!

5. Boxers by Gene Luen Yang: 4 Stars

And I was in the mood for some Graphic Novels and picked this one up and it was pretty good.  Learned about Chinese history and the art was pretty good.

6. Saints by Gene Luen Yang: 4 Stars

And because it was only a duology of course I picked up Saints and finished it up and was pretty happy with it.

7. Clockwork Prince: 4.25 Stars

And once I was satisfied with my GN I moved on to Clockwork Prince and AH the feelings, so so many feelings.  Loved it of course...

8. The Winner's Crime by Marie Rutkoski: 5 Stars

And because I'm giving myself space and time to finish TID, I picked up The Winner's Crime and Holly Molly it was amazing and in one way I'm so glad that I didn't read this book last year because the ending was so cruel and it would have killed me to wait a year to read the third book; now I can just pick the final book and see what happens to my characters.  So much heart breaking!!!

9. Locke & Key Volume 1 by Joe Hill: 4 Stars

So, I was browsing and looking for more Graphic Novels in my eLibrary and I ended up picking this one because there are 6 Volumes out so there are quite a few to read so I read and even though it was creepy and crazy, it ended up been really, really good and got me really interested.

10. Locke & Key Volume 2 by Joe Hill: 4 Stars

And because I enjoyed the first one; of course I already picked the 2nd Volume up and read it and it was a little better than the first one, but it still left me with a hole, you know?  I guess I just need to read the next one.

11. The Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare: Currently Reading

I didn't finish The Clockwork Princess, at first I thought that I would finish it and to tell you the truth, I would have finish this book this month, but...I started watching the Game of Thrones and I have been a lost cause.  I'm totally hooked and for the last couple weeks that's all I want to do, watch all the seasons of GOT so I can catch up to the current season, AH I love this show so much, WHY, tell me WHY I hadn't watched it until now?  I have no clue...but I'm fixing it and I'm actually on Season 5 already and will be all caught up this week and will be back to my regular reading schedule after that and be able to finish The Clockwork Princess, I actually read a little bit last night and got my heart broken a bit, I'm about half way through.  I'm not going to say why, because no spoilers but what else is going to happen in this book?

Okay, that will do to my Wrap Up for April 10.5 books, not too bad, right?  Well, 6.5 books and 4 Graphic Novels, still not bad, right?

What did you read this month?  Do you have any books that you would recommend?  I totally recommend The Infernal Devices if you haven't read it yet and The Winner's Trilogy also.

Have a great week...