Friday, January 15, 2016

Weekend Reads: Ice like Fire and City of Glass

Hi Friday, I'm so glad that you have finally arrived!!! It's time to rest, relax and do some reading, oh yeah.

I'm currently reading two books, surprise, actually a couple years ago, I would have never done that and now I somehow find myself in the middle of two sometimes three books at a time.  What is wrong with me?  Who else does that? are my current reads and the I'm hoping to finish at least one of them and continue with the other as the weekend goes...

Ice like Fire by Sarah

What can I say, I still had on my kindle from my elibrary so I just couldn't say no, I HAD to pick it up and it's good to be back in the world of seasons.  I'm still kind of in the beginning much happening yet, can't wait for things to pick it up.

City of Glass by Cassandra Clare

Yes, I have finally picked this one up and I have started and then stopped once I started Ice like Fire, but no worries, once I'm done with that one I will picked this one up again.

And that's my current reads, what are you currently reading right now?  And what are your plans for your weekend?  I'm actually finishing one of my bathroom's renovations, it's all fun at the beginning, but now I just can't wait to be done with it and do the fun part of decorating!

Have a great weekend!