Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Book Review: Light Of A Thousand Stars by Siobhan Davis

It's time for another book review and today it's actually a novella in the True Calling trilogy, I have done reviews for book 1 (True Calling) and book 2 (Beyond Reach) if you want to read those.  I knew I only had one book to read and then found out there were a couple novellas out and if I had to read them, but I only ended up reading this one, why?  Well, this one is all about Zane and I'm team Zane all the way; and the other novella was about Cal and sorry, even though he is nice, I really didn't care for him as much.  So, let's see what I thought about Zane after reading this novella.  I should mention that this novella takes place before the move to Novo planet.

Light Of A Thousand Stars by Siobhan Davis

 Light of a thousand stars by siobhan davis

Zane has been in love with Ariana for years, she is his world and he would do anything for her.  They have been together for ten months now and Zane couldn't be happier, he finally has the girl of his dreams, but life always throws something at you, right?  Of course, and on Zane and Ariana's case; Life has thrown more than one obstacle at them.  Something bad happened, something that both of them have had to kept a secret from everyone and now Ariana is falling apart.  Zane is trying is best to prevent that because he has promised her: Always and Forever and he will do anything to keep that promise.

Then, the worst comes when Commander Skyee drops a  bomb and will destroy their future forever.  What will Zane do?  He will still try to do anything possible to be together with Ariana again, whatever it takes, how long it takes.

I loved Zane before and loved him even more after reading this novella.  Ariana in the other hand? Ah, this girl keeps getting on my nerves.  We also get see Ariana's move to Novo and how that affected her, and I don't get how she just forgot all of that?  Anyway, I really enjoyed reading this novella and I gave it a 4 out of 5 stars.