Thursday, January 21, 2016

Book Review: Destiny Rising by Siobhan Davis

It's book review time baby, and today I'm bringing you the final book in the True Calling trilogy. Oh Yeah, let's start and get it over with?  Well first, here are my previous reviews of this trilogy: True Calling, Beyond Reach and Light Of A Thousand Stars.

Okay, now I'm ready:

Destiny Rising by Siobhan Davis

Lots of decisions are to be made in this book; for the humanity and Ariana too has to make so decisions too.

Saoirse organization is preparing nonstop to battle the government and take over Earth and Novo too.  Ariana, her father and those who she loves most are joined on this battle for their freedom and justice.  But that is not the only thing happening on Ariana's life, old memories are resurfacing, old discoveries and new realities and making her whole world fall apart forever and she needs to decide what is best for her and her family.  Her father makes a decision and sends her away to Greece for a while on the pretest that she has to concentrate on her psychic gift to evolve and fully extent it to help the battle that they are all in.  While she is away she manages to connect with her psychic gift with the help of someone who has the same powerful gift and it evolves to the max, but she also makes some major personal decisions that will either destroy her childhood boyfriend Zane or her fiancĂ©e Cal's heart, but it's a decision that she is ready to make. 

When she comes back and battle is fully on, fate takes another turn and Ariana is face with another major decision, one that will have to involve making a deal with the enemy.  She then faces the worst choice of making the ultimate personal sacrifice or risk everything she holds dear.  What will she do?  Well, you just have to read to find out.  Will Saoirse and Ariana will this battle against the government?  What will the future look like?  Who did Ariana choose; Zane or Cal?

These are questions that you will have answers too, some you will like others you will not, but you will get them.  I wasn't happy with one of the choices Ariana made, but overall the book was really good.  I really liked how everything wrapped up nicely and how you get to see much more into the future that you get from other books. 

I gave the book 4 out of 5 stars, I probably would have give 5 if she had made another choice but that's just my personal option, and that's what reviews are for, right?  And everyone has different options and I'm sure some people probably liked her decision.  Do I recommend this trilogy, absolutely!!!
Alright, that's it for now.