Thursday, October 8, 2015

Book Review: Salem's Vengeance by Aaron Galvin

Wow, it's Thursday and I haven't blogged once this week.  Why?  I have no clue, well it could be because life has been really crazy busy lately lol.  But I'm back today with a Book Review, my favorite blog post.  Let's do this, shall we?

And today's book is:

Salem's Vengeance by Aaron Galvin

Sarah Kelly, she is sixteen years old and her and her friends love to dance in the moonlight.  But during one of those dances, they find themselves in a partake of a powder meant to conjure spirits and the results are the worst they could have ever imagine.  They end up meeting the Devil's daughter and because of their presence there, Sarah and her friends are asked for a price to pay.  Can she keep that secret from her family?  From her village?

Sarah has to make a choice, to keep her secret risks her own damnation, but to condemn them may invoke something bigger.  Something that hasn't been around for a very long time, the Salem's witches.  Is it coming back?  Will Sarah be able to save herself and her family?

This book, OMG...every time I read, it scared me.  It was great, spooky a lot of times, action packed and lots of twists, you never knew what was coming.  Loved it.  I really want to read the second one, but I really need to prepare myself.  Do I recommend it?  Totally and it's the perfect book the read this book with Halloween around the cover, so go and grab this book and read it.  A solid 4 out of 5 stars for sure.

What spooky books do you recommend for this time of year?  What are you reading now?