Thursday, September 3, 2015

Book Review: We'll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han

Book Review Time, OH YEAH!!!  When I was looking for books to read in July I looked back at series that I wanted to complete and OMG when I noticed that I hadn't completed this one, I knew 100% that I had to read and Holly Molly, so glad that I did and let's get to the review now before I just go on and on and on...

We'll Always have Summer by Jenny Han

For starters, please don't read this review if you haven't read the first and second book yet, because it will be a spoiler review.  But if you have read the first and second book, please do continue to read this spoiler free review.  And you can always check out my reviews for the First and Second reviews clicking on the links.  Alright, now I'm ready...

So, two whole years have gone by since Conrad told Belly to go with Jeremiah.  And two whole years since he told Jeremiah to go with Belly.  And Belly and Jeremiah have been inseparable since then, they attend the same college and try to spend every free time together.  But their relationship?  It's not the happily ever after that Belly thought it would be.  And for the most part she doesn't even  mind, she thinks they can make it work, some way, some how.  But when Belly finds out that Jeremiah made the worst mistake a boyfriend can make?  She isn't so sure anymore, and she starts to question everything, especially if what she feels for Jeremiah is really true love?  Do they have a future together? 

And then there is and has always been Conrad.  Has she really ever gotten over him?  It's time for Belly to decide who truly owns her heart now and forever.

But don't think she makes the right decision right away, first you will Belly make a decision and you will think: Wow, that's it?  What is she thinking?  And then you will think: Maybe she really loves that one.  But as this summer progresses and things start to go one way and then another way, you will get more and more confused.  There are times that you think she will pick Jeremiah and there are other times when you think she will pick Conrad.  And when she finally makes the decision?  Well, everybody will have a different opinion, I think, but I was wicked happy with her decision.  Why?  Because she picked the one I wanted her to pick, and the one I thought she deserved.

Once I was done reading this one I felt satisfied, content and happy.  Not many books make me feel this way and that's why it wasn't hard at all to give this book 5 stars.  Jenny Han is pretty amazing at writing a light but intriguing book.  Loved it.

Totally recommend not only this book, but the whole trilogy.  Perfect summer read, but definitely a perfect beach read.