Thursday, June 4, 2015

Book Review; World After by Susan Ee

Book Review time and this is the second book in a trilogy, I reviewed this first book earlier this week, Angelfall, go check the review here:

World After by Susan Ee

Spoilers...If you haven't read the first book; Angelfall, please go read and don't read this review.  But if you have read let's get to this review, shall we?

This book takes off right after where Angelfall ended, Penryn has found Paige and is reunited with her mother, however they think that she is dead, but she is not, she is just paralyzed from the monster's bite.  When she wakes up people are afraid of her and her sister, well everyone is afraid of her family, but soon they gain her trust as she is together with the same group that she met with Raffe in the first book.  
But soon Penryn realizes that her little sister is not the same anymore, the angels have done something terrible wrong to her and one day she is witness to one of those terrible things.  And then Paige disappears...and Penryn has to go and look for Paige because no matter what she is still her little sister, right?

Raffe is still on the hunt for his true wings and devastated thinking that Penryn has died.  Without his rightful wings he cannot join the angels as one of their leaders.  During one of his fights he finds out that Penryn is alive and then he has to make a decision, to recapturing his wing or keeping Penryn alive, what will he choose? 

Will they join forces again?  Will they fight against the angels?  What are the angels planing?  What is Paige?  Can she be saved?  Well, it is a lot of questions, right?  But I cannot answer them, because again, this is another fast, action packed book that Susan Ee gave us.  You will not be disappointed, that's for sure, but the end?  You will be left wanting more, but not worries, the 3rd book just came out recently and I cannot wait to pick it up and see what happens.  

I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars.  I really hope you guys read this trilogy, because it really is so good.

And that's it for this review...