Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Book Review: Graphic Novels-Part 1

It's Book Review Tuesday today and it's Graphic Novel week here on the blog, going to review all the graphic novels that I have read so far and I'm going to split between today and Thursday, let's jump to it?

Today I'll be reviewing 5 of them...

Transformers: Drift: Empire of Stone #1- 3 Stars

Transformers never disappoint you, right?  This one didn't again, but I felt like I needed more, it was a really short book, but it was entertaining while it last it.  And don't worry, there was plenty of action, lots of fighting and of course saving the world as usual.

Sweet Blood Volume 1- 3 Stars

I don't what I was expecting when I starting reading this book, but it wasn't what I got. Well, when I looked at the cover I thought I was going to get a vampire action comic book, but nope, there was a vampire but no action.  It was an ok read, but I will not continue with this series that's for sure.  I don't want to ruin it for anyone, but no action at all?  Come one...I could drop my rating to 2 stars easily, but I will keep it at 3 because the art was good.

Let's Eat Ramen and Other Doujinshi Short Stories- 3 Stars

I enjoyed the first story, but the other stories got me confused.  At first I thought they would somehow interconnect?  But did they?  I still don't know.  But some of them were really cute and I really liked the romance on them.  And the art was really amazing.

The Worrier's Guide to Life- 4 Stars

Want a good laugh?  Pick this one up, I loved it, not the best art, but you will laugh for sure.  And you will start nodding and agreeing to the stuff that is written in the book.  Good solid 4 stars.  Please read it.

 The October Faction- 3 Stars

Action, scary stuff and creepy family, you get it all and more than you want in this one.  It was fun reading it and I may even pick up the next volume and see where this story goes.  This is a family that their business is not what you may expect it to be, their hunt monsters.  The first volume is an introduction, so not much happens, which I think that's the reason I want to pick up the next volume and read it.

And that will do it for today, Thank You NetGalley for all these Graphic Novels.

Do you like reading Graphic Novels?  Which ones do you recommend?