Friday, May 22, 2015

Weekend Reads: Alliance by Lacy Yager

TGIF!!! Remember when I said earlier this week how busy I was going to be this week with doctors appts?  Well, guess where I am right now?  At another doctor's appt with my mom, I'm actually at her surgery's follow up, hopefully everything is okay (keeping my fingers crossed).

Here is what I'll be reading this weekend:

Alliance by Lacy Yager

I got this book for free at Amazon because I have the 4th book already in the Series, but I didn't realize that each book follows a different character, so I don't know if you really need to read these books in order?  Have you read them?  Let me know...

What will you be reading?  I'm hoping to go down to the boat and just rest and enjoy the sun a little...ahahaha