Wednesday, May 6, 2015

TV Shows I'm Currently Watching

I've started to be able to watch TV again, well some TV, but I have to admit some of these TV shows I watch on my tablet because it's smaller and brain stimulation is so much lesser and it makes it so much easier to watch and therefore I get to watch a little more that way. 

Here are the TV shows that I'm currently watching mostly on Netlix (on my tablet) and some on TV :)

1. The Vampire Diaries-this one I do watch on TV, and I watch with my husband, we have been watching this show since the very beginning I'm starting to catch up to this season and I just hear that Nina is quitting the show and I don't know how I feel about that.  I mean, she is the MAIN character, right?

2. The Originals-I watch this one on TV too and with the hubby too and I gotta say I have fallen in love with this one more than TVD. LOVE Klaus.

3. Daredevil-I just started watching this one on Netflix, it is a Netflix original series and Holy Crap, it's amazing. Finished!!!

4.Gilmore Girls-Netflix-Where was I when this show was on? Seriously?  I just started watching this show a couple months ago. I'm on season 2 right now.

5-Baby Daddy-Netflix-It's about time they just put Season 4 on.  Will be watching that really, really soon.  I love these people so much, and it's my favorite comedy.  And the one show that up lifted me up when I first had my car accident.

6-House of Cards-Netflix original-I need to start Season 3, I don't know why I haven't yet, but I will, don't you worry.

7-Friends-Netflix-I have finished the whole 10 seasons this one last month, but I had to mention it.  I finished it in about 2 months the whole 10 seasons, that's a record for me, concussed and everything (let's not mention this to my neurologist when I tell her why I crashed so many times lol).  I have heard and heard about Friends all my life, but never had watched but now I can get into all the jokes and CAN agree that was one of the best shows EVER.

And that's about it for shows. What are you currently watching?  What do you recommend?