Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Book Review: The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han

Book Review Tuesday, alright people, after a couple weeks of crashing and trying to rest this brain of mine I'm back with a book review Tuesday and today I'm reviewing:

The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han

I read this book while I was on vacation back in February and I loved it, I don't know why I hadn't heard about this book long time ago, because I finished this book pretty quick, to be exact in 2 days. Let's jump into this review...

Belly loves summers, for her everything happens between June and August, those are the magical months.  Since she can remember she has been spending summer in this summer home with Conrad and Jeremiah; they have been her best friends, her first crushes and everything in between.  But everything changes this one summer, things for the better but also things that Belly wasn't expecting at all.

The book is told by Belly's perspective and I love that she takes you back to the past so you get to understand why she is feeling about something in the present.  I loved getting to know how she feels about the two brothers, Conrad and Jeremiah.  And how she has had a crush on Conrad for the longest time ever; but in this book we get to see that he starts to notice her but at the same time does pursuit it.  Jeremiah is just such a sweet boy, I loved him right away and wish that Belly would have fallen for him.  You could see that he likes her and has for a while but you get to see that he knows that Belly likes Conrad and respects that and for that I liked him even more.

Belly and the boy's mothers are best friends and OMG, their friendship are everything, they have been friends forever and the reason that Belly goes there every summer.  Both of they are amazing women, they spend so time together, but they always have time for the kids and make them feel special.

At the end of this book, things explode the way I didn't see it coming.  I was sad, really sad for one of the characters, but because of that something good came out of it also, so the book ended really good.

When I finished this book I was ready to read the next one right away and Thank God I had it already with me.  I loved it and gave it a 5 out of 5 stars.  Totally recommend this book, it was light when you needed but expect to be sad and moving.

And that will do it for this review.