Monday, January 19, 2015

Winter Skin Care Routine

With Winter and cold weather in full effect here in New England, one thing that is taking a hit is my skin.  One day is dry, the other day is breaking out like crazy, sometimes I don't know what's worse, summer or I have had to change up my skin care routine a little bit and here is what my skin is currently loving it:

I'm still using my Garnier cleansing oil and my Simple makeup removal wipes to remove my makeup, still haven't found nothing better than these two products right here:

Now to wash my face...Got a clarisonic Mia for Christmas and I have been introducing it to my skin care routine slowy, I have been using it once a week for a month now and so far so good, no breakouts from it.  I think I may be ready to start using it twice a week now.  For my Cleanser and most of my skin care products, this is a brand that I found at TJmaxx and I am loving it.  The bran is 40 Carrots, I use the cleanser day and night to cleanse my skin and use the scrub once to twice a week.  Both products are very gently in your skin, but makes your skin feel amazing.

For toner; no surprises still my Olay with witch hazel, love this toner.  My eye gel is a 40 Carrots products as is my face serum, love, love these products.

Moisturizers, here is my morning one and my night cream, of course the night cream one is more hydrating.

And don't forget your lips, still using my Baby lips Dr. Rescue the clear one for night time.

And something that I have recently added is this Caudalie refreshing water/toner that I spray in the morning after I'm done with my skincare application but before I do my makeup.  Not 100% sure how I feel about it yet, I like it so far, review will be coming soon.

And that's it for my winter skin care routine.  Did you change up your skincare routine for the winter?