Thursday, January 8, 2015

Outfit of the Day: Cold and Blue

Today the temperature in New England is below zero, yeah you heard that right, Below Zero people.  It's freezing and I have been MIA for a couple days, why? Because my PCS has decided to remind me that I am not 100% better yet and that I should act and do everything that a normal person does.  So, I crashed pretty bad yesterday, I started to crash on Monday but I pushed myself a little more on Tuesday and then a little more yesterday and then it was the end of it.  I had to go home early and go straight to bed and sleep and rest.  Today I feel better, not a whole lot better, because it does take time to bounce back, but with a little more rest I should be feeling better tomorrow.

Going to stop babbling and get on to today's post which as quick outfit of the day, as the temperature was well below zero is was time to layer it up, I feel cozy and warm and that's what you want to feel with this weather, right?

Cold and Blue

Jeans: F21
Shirt: Old Navy
Cardigan: TJMaxx
Tank: Target
Boots: TJMaxx
Sock: TJMaxx
Leg Warmer: My mom made them for me last year
Watch: MK
Bracelet: Alex n Ani
Earrings: Azores