Saturday, January 17, 2015

New Vanity-Ikea Mickey

Happy Saturday, today's post is a quick one, I got a new vanity.  My old one was getting to be too small, there wasn't enough room for all of my makeup so it was time to get a new one and off to Ikea I went. 

Here is my old one, I got this one at Amazon a few years ago and it's nice if you don't have too much makeup, a good start vanity for sure.  But as you can see it just wasn't holding all my makeup anymore, it was getting really messy.

I decided to get the Mickey table from Ikea; and it was time to assemble it...

And here is the finish product...

it holds so much more makeup, looks so much organized and I love it...

That was my little project for to relax now. 

Ah, I saw the movie American Sniper yesterday and it has been a while since I watch a great movie.

Enjoy your weekend!