Thursday, January 29, 2015

Book Review Requiem by Lauren Oliver

Today's book review is the third and final book in the Delirium Trilogy and let's just jump to it...

Requiem by Lauren Oliver

Final book in the Delirium trilogy and I really enjoyed this book, yes that's the right word to described how I felt about this book.

One thing that I loved was getting to know Hana, I really connected with this character in this book.  Everytime Lena talked about her best friend, I loved her, but in this book?  OMG, loved getting to really know her and how she felt about everything.  Hana, tells you everything that happened that summer that Lena fell in love with Alex, but now you get to see that Lena wasn't the only one that was having feelings.  Hana, also lets you know about the "cure", what the procedure felt like, how she fells after the cure.  She also tells you about her pair and how her life has changed so much.  Now she is to be married in a few weeks and be the new mayor's wife, but she is feeling things that she is not supposed to be feeling and she doesn't know what to do about it.  There is no way you cannot connect to her, she is caring and takes risks that not that many people would.  She plays a huge part in the last couple chapters in this book, I'm not going to say what it is but once you read it, it all makes sense and some people may not like what she did but I totally understood her and still really love her.

Now let's get to Lena, well...where should I even start with her?  I was dizzy at times, mad at other times and crazy at others.  This girl can make you feel a million emotions in one book, that's for sure.  She still has no clue what she wants, Alex or Julian and I feel bad for both of them in this book.  I have loved Alex from book 1, he is amazing, but Julian?  I wasn't sure how I felt about him in the last book, but he grew on me this book and I felt bad for him a lot of times.  Lena, still needs a lot of soul searching to do that's for sure.  But, one of the things that aggravated me so much was not getting much answers in this book, we actually need a fourth book.  There was no conclusion in this love triangle, what the heck was that decision?  I need more, I need to know what happens next.

The resistance, at least we got a lot of action on their part. We got to know more people, got to know Lena's mom, which by the way she is amazing.  Love the resistance, loved to see people that never gave up even when things looked like it was not going to go anywhere else, they pushed more and more and accomplished something.  Raven, she was another amazing character I loved her, loved how she cared about Lena even when she didn't have to.  But, what the heck happened to her?  We don't really know, seriously!

From all the books, I was hooked from the beginning reading this one, there was some much going on from the beginning, lots of action, which I love, but towards the end?  I mean the book was ending and I still had to many questions and there was so many things that needed to an end and we didn't get the end.  It was a well written book but not a not a a well ended book.  I give a 4 out of 5 stars, loved it but still want more.  Didn't make sense at all, right?

Did you read this book?  What did you feel about it?  Lauren Oliver, you need to write another book, we need more answer.

And that will do for this book review...I'm tired just thinking about Lena.