Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Product Review: Pond'S BB+

Happy Cold, Rainy, Tuesday!  I need some sunshine...how many more months until summer?  Way too many, I know.  And let me complain a little more, I still have so much Christmas shopping to do...I hope I'm not the only one. lol

But on to today's topic, I went to CVS last month, right before I left for Portugal and found this little gem:


Pond'S BB+: I haven't hear anyone talk about this BB cream and I just want to know WHY? It is amazing, it's everything that you want out of a BB cream.  First of all, my skin didn't breakout at all and just because of that it was a winner.  The coverage is just like any BB cream, a light coverage and sometimes that's all you want and you can use a light coverage BB cream under a foundation anytime, especially if your skin is on the drier side and you need that extra moisture, which this BB+ definitely gives you. 

It goes on soooo smooth and it blends amazingly well and I just have to say one more thing, I totally recommend this product.

Here is the product:

As you can see the consistency is not too liquidy or too creamy, it has the right texture...

Without any products:

Applying the BB+

4 little dots and buff it away...


Before and After:

As you can see it gives you just the right amount of coverage, so go ahead and try this product and let me know what you think...