Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Let It Snow Book Tag

And continuining with holiday spirit, today I am bringing you another book tag, you can watch the original one on YouTube here.

Let's start?

Let It Snow Book Tag

1. What book gets you in the holiday spirit?
A Charlie Brown Christmas, a pretty classic one and pretty cute too.

2. It's a blizzard outside and you're snowed in, which character would you wan to be stuck inside with?
Four from Divergent, let's admit Veronica Roth made him pretty perfect :)

3.You're having a snow fight, which cold hearted character would you aim for first?
D'Albret from His Fine Assassin Trilogy, about to read the third book and OMG so happen to what happen to him at the end of the second book.

4.  Which family would you like to spend the holidays with?
There are a few I would like, but it would be interesting to spend the holidays with the Cullens (Twilight Saga, yeah still a fan)

5. Who would you want to kiss under the mistletoe?
Four :)

6. Which character was on the Naughty list, but made his/her way on to the nice list?
Warren from Shatter Me Trilogy

7. You're HOME ALONE, when two burglars come into your house.  Which character would you want to help fight them off?
Rose from Vampire Academy, that girl is amazing.

8.  The Hallmark channel is having a holiday movie marathon, what book has the cheeiest cover?
I am a sucker for covers so that's a hard one, let me see...The Romantic by Felix Alexander

9. Spread the holiday love, who do you tag?
Everyone...let me know if you do it.