Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Last Minute Gift Guide

I cannot believe Christmas Eve is tomorrow...I did wrap gifts yesterday for 4 hours and totally lost track of time and by the time I was done it was almost 1am, so that was the reason there was no post yesterday.  Having a brain injury this year is totally making things twice as hard, especially on buying presents as I keep forgetting people and because of that came today's post's idea: last minute gift ideas.  Let's check it out?

Last Minute Gift Guide

1. Gift Card: You cannot go wrong with them; I'm keeping a couple in hand, for example: Starbucks and Target.

2. Scratch Tickets: A quick and fun gift.  And you never know, you my make someone rich :)

3. Book: There were so many great movies this year that were from books so if you know people that enjoyed those movies, give them the books to read.

4. Mug: Either a funny one or a monogrammed one; a mug is always a fun gift to give and received.

5. Scarf/Hat: It's winter and even if it's not freezing cold where you live, a scarf is a nice accessory.

Are you also doing last minute Christmas shopping?