Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Gift Guide: Stocking Fillers

Welcome to my first Gift Guide post, today I want to cover Stocking Fillers, you know; the ones that are usually easy to pick up but we tend to forget about them? Yeah, those.  I have 6 stocking fillers, some can be given to either man or woman and there are some that it's just for the ladies.  Let's start:


1. Rollerball or Mini Perfume: Oh Lola by Marc Jacobs, who doesn't like to get some kind of perfume during the Holidays? I sure do and a mini one is a great way to try a new perfume before buying a full size one.

2. Chocolate: I knew I had to get this one when I saw it, Monopoly Chocolate.  And you cannot ever go wrong by giving chocolate.

3. Nail Polish: Got this set at Rite Aid last week.  Love the colors and if you have a friend or family that is a beauty addict, they will definitely love getting some nail polish.

4. Movie: Divergent; I mean if you haven't read or watched the movie you need to do it now.  Or if you have watched I'm pretty sure you want to watch it again, right?  And it's does have to be the Divergent one, my dad loves action movies and every year I get him a new one.


5. Candle: Got this candle from TJMaxx, I love the smell of it and these candles last so long and you cannot beat the price $5.99.  Candles are something that I give my mom every year inside her stocking and she loves it.

6.Hand Cream: I love to get hand creams on my stocking.  I got this one at Target a couple weeks ago and I'm totally obsessed over it.  I love the smell and how it makes my hands feel so soft; I use it every night before falling asleep.

What do you think?  What are your favorite stocking fillers?

Now for the giveaway: I am going to be giving away the nail polish set you see here.  US entries only; and for the rules, here it is:

1. You have to follow the blog
2. Follow me on Twitter (@neliamad) and
3. Leave a comment below, any comment.

I will announce the winner on Sunday and mail out the gift on Monday. Good Luck! :)