Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Gift Guide: For Him

And continuing with the Holiday gift guides, today's gift guide is all about Him.  Even if you don't have a boyfriend or a husband you probably have a father or a brother or a cousin or a guy friend that you have to give something too.  Here are 6 things that I am gifting to the guys on my Christmas list this year:

Gift Guide: For Him

1.Scarf: I feel like everywhere I go there are tons of scarves for men so I had to pick one up for my man too, especially since we live in New England and I know for sure that he will use it a lot.  Love this black and gray Calvin Klein one, it will go with everything.

2. Tablet: Even if your guy is not a high tech guy he will still like to have his own tablet or you can share one.  My husband is not a technology guy at all, he doesn't care for computers at all but he sure loves a tablet, I don't know what it is but he loves it.  And if your guys loves to read, it's a bonus as he can download the Kindle app and read his books, win win.

3.Perfume: Spoil them, we love our high end perfumes and why can't our guys have one or two?  I got my husband Bleu de Chanel a couple years ago and it's his favorite perfume of all time and mine too, I love it when he uses it.

4. Tech Gloves: Well, we woman love to keep our fingers warm and still be able to use our phones, right?  Why can't the guys do the same?  I got these Nike ones at TJMaxx and I'm sure my hubby is going to love it.

5. A really good flashlight: My husband is a handy man and he sure loves his flashlights and he has had many throughout the years but this one is the best he has had.  It's a little expensive for a flashlight, it runs for over $100, but if your guy has job that he uses flashlights everyday he will love this one.

6. Shaving Kit: I am actually in the hunt for one, so no picture.  I found one at Macy's online so I'll be going to the store this weekend to check it out. But I seriously I think it's a great gift, every man needs to shave right?  If I buy I will update this post with a picture.

That's just some ideas, what are somethings you like to give him?