Saturday, December 6, 2014

Gift Guide: For Her

Happy Saturday, today I'm bringing you another Gift Guide this time all about HER.  Let's start:

Gift Guide: For Her

1. Scarf: I love scarves, really, really love them.  I have lost count of how many I have.  But, I still love when I get one for Xmas.  And I love giving them out too.


2. Perfume Set: When shopping again at TJMaxx, seriously that store gets me every time.  I found a couple  perfume sets at such an affordable price.  And right now they have SO many perfumes, I even found one of my favorites Flora by Gucci there and I'm going to tell my husband to get me that one as I don't have it anymore in my collection. I found this one from Jordin Sparks and I had to get it...I love her first fragrance.

3. PJs: I love PJs and I love getting and gifting them.  Got this cute Betsy Johnson ones at TJMaxx for $25.

4. Makeup: You can buy a holiday set or you can create your own.  I personally love Urban Decay Naked products and Naked Basics is the palette that I reached for the most this year.  And Naked Flushed is great when traveling.


5. Jewelry: Statement necklaces are great gifts and you can find lots of affordable ones.  And a Michael Kors watch for your mom or sister is the perfect gift, it's a little expensive but it is a signature piece.

6. Body Shop Products: If you haven't tried Body Shop products you need to do it soon.  They have these little sets that you can try and see which products you like before purchasing the full size ones.

And that's some of my ideas for gifts for the woman in our lives.  And now for the giveaway; let's see...I will pick the Naked Basics, so if you want to win...

Rules is the same for all the giveaways: (US entries only)
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And, let me have until Tuesday 12/9 to enter and I will announce it on Wed 12/10.  Good Luck!