Thursday, December 18, 2014

Gift Guide: Book Lover

8 Days people, OMG...Christmas is next week...I started wrapping gifts last night and I didn't even made a dent, so much work.  But I wanted to do another gift guide and this one for all the book lovers out there, and without further do, let's jump right in?

Gift Guide: Book Lover

1. Book: The most obvious

2. E Reader or Tablet: For those times when you really cannot wait to read the next book in a series.

3. Handmade Bookmark, because there it will always bring a smile to your face when you use it.

4. DIY Mug: For your tea of coffee to go along with a nice book.

5. Book Subway Art: I have a couple on my shelve and I love looking at at, they just add a little extra something.

6. Gift Card: For that person that have just about everything.

That's it for today, now I'm off to wrap some more gifts!