Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Wow, I cannot believe Mother's Day is really just around the corner.  I'm a little late doing this but I wanted to do a gift guide for anyone looking for gifts last minute like me...let's start:

Brunch/Lunch-take your mother out to eat or cook something and eat together at home.  Don't forget your mimosas :) 


Perfume-now tell me which woman doesn't like to get a perfume.  My mom LOVES it, she has a little perfume collection and now it's getting harder on me to buy a new one for her.  Above it's 2 perfumes, Chanel 5 (a classic) and J'adore Dior (love it), it's mother's day and if you are going to spoil her, get her a nice perfume.


A mug, I don't know about your mother but my mom loves to drink her tea and cappuccino and she loves getting mugs for any occasion.  The one above you can find it at Etsy and for the price it's really reasonable. 

Flowers, every woman loves getting flowers and mothers day is just another perfect occasion to get them.  This is a gift that can cost you as little to as much as you want.  I always get a small bouquet of flowers together with a nice gift.

 Makeup, I love makeup and so does my mom, this is the perfect occasion to get her a little more expensive brand that she wants but doesn't want to splurge.  MAC is always a favorite, I would go with a lipstick which runs around $23 and Naked palette, it's the perfect palette with neutral colors, and it costs $50. 
MK Large Selma $358.00
A purse, now it's the time to get mom a nice expensive purse.  I love Michael Kors bags, they are amazing, they do cost a little but it will last her forever.  I have one for 4 years already and still looks new.  

Jewelry Time, a piece that mom will love it...

MK watch, yeah you can guess it I love MK products.  The one above is a classic MK watch, gold, oversize. 

Zales $69.99

A mom's ring, where she can have all her kids gem stores.  The one above is on sale right now, so go get it...


Tiffany's, you do you would love to get that blue box and I'm pretty sure mom would love it too.  Tiffany's can be a little too expensive, but I found the above necklace for a reasonable price. 

 And my last one is a Spa day, you can book one for you too and spend a whole day together.  

That's it, my top 10 gifts for Mom, now go ahead and spoil her and if you are a mom go spoil yourself, because I know that I am lol