Monday, May 5, 2014

Monthly Beauty Favorites-April 2014

It's a little bit late but here are my April favorites:

Starting off with Skin Products:

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Here is a little background: I was born in Portugal and moved to USA when I was almost 15 years old and I still have family there, which whom I visit from time to time.  While I was there last year visiting I came across some beauty/skin care products that you cannot find in US, so I brought back a couple to try it out.
And one of those products is this Rose Water, and I am totally in love with it.  I actually bought 4 bottles to bring it back with me and I am so glad that I did that.  I use it as my toner during my AM and PM skin care routine.  To bad you cannot get it here...

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My skin is sensitive and I love to try new products but most of the time I break out within the 2nd or 3rd day of trying new products so when I find one that works right away and my skin actually loves, bam, I'm in...As I said I tend to break out easily when I try new products so I was looking for something that would help me with breakouts and I got this cleanser/mask by Neutrogena and thankfully my skin loved and still loves it.  I use it primarily as a cleanser at night time, but from time to time I'll use it as a mask if I get some breakouts that are driving me crazy.  It doesn't leave my skin dry at all and really helps with the breakouts.

Makeup Time:

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Let's take a moment, does Benefit make bad products?  I do take a while to invest on more expensive products which I love when you can get samples of them to try it out.  I got a tiny little benetint on my ipsy bag a couple months ago and I still cannot stop using it.  It's perfect for your cheeks but also for a quick tint on your lips.  And pretty much done with the little tiny sample and I'm ready to invest on a regular size of it. 

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 Let's talk about Revlon lip stains, I loved the original formula, but they have out did themselves again.  I bought Vivacious Lacquer and OMG, it's hydrating and the pigmentation is just amazing.  I have gone out and got myself a couple more, but right now I'm loving using Vivacious.  
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My go to palette/shadows this month? My lovely Naked Basics.  From neutral, natural eye to a smoky one, this palette is perfect for both.   If you are looking for colors this is not the palette but if you love neutral eye shadows then I would so recommend the investment on this palette. I have Naked and Naked too, so investing on this one wasn't too hard.  Urban Decay shadows are amazing and easy to work with.

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This is another product that I wanted to try and didn't want to spend on the full size just in case I didn't like.  And let me tell you where you can find some of those little sizes to just try a product, Sephora, good old trusty Sephora.  I love how they offer those $10 deals on mini products, I get to try and decide which one I want to buy.  And this bronze from Tarte is by far my favorite bronze.  It's called Park Ave Princess, it doesn't have a little shine to it, but it's more towards the matte than the shinny side.  I love the pigmentation, the color, everything about this bronze.

That's it for April...loving my products so much...