Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Current Hair Care Routine

One of the things I enjoy is taking care of my hair, so here is my current hair care routine.  I am really happy with the products that I'm currently using and I can see a difference on my hair now.

Let's start with what I use for washing my hair:

Shampoo number 1, Organix Macadamia Oil.  Love it, makes my hair shinny and really, really smooth.  I have seen a huge difference in my hair since using this shampoo.

But as you know you also need to clarify you hair from all the products that you use.  And for that I use Suave clarifying shampoo.  Inexpensive and effective, period.

I color my hair, well who doesn't right?  My hairdresser recommended me this Matrix Biolage as I have gotten my hair through hell last year when I had red undertone and wanted some blond, well that was some over processing job right there.  So I started using this conditioner and I just can't stop it, I have repurchased a few times and will continue to do so.  It really bought my hair back to life.

Masks time:

I use a mask 1 to 2 times a week, depending how my hair feels.  I rotate between these two mask and I love how each does a different job and still makes my hair really soft.

This Silicon Mix bambu mask helps with growth but also still makes your hair feel so soft. Will continue to purchase.  And I got the big jar over 6 months ago and I still have a little more than 1/4 left.  It sure last a while. 

OMG, I love, love this mask.  Want shinny, soft hair, this is the mask right here.  It also contains bamboo extract to help with split ends.  I love it and totally recommend it.

Oh, I almost forgot about this product, and I have repurchased this one more than once and will continue to do so.  Garnier 1 Minute Replenishing Treatment.  I love this especially when I'm in a rush and don't have the time to use a mask.  It smells amazing and really moisturizes your hair. 

Once I'm done washing and moisturizing my hair, I towell dry a little and apply these products:

Matrix total results, it's a leave-in conditioner that helps with split ends and breakage.  I have seen a difference on my hair, it doesn't break that easily anymore so it's ending with the split ends a lot.  You do need a good amount if you have long hair, so the product does finish it pretty quickly.  I am not sure if I will be repurchasing this one right away.  I have a few leave-in conditioners that I will have to finish it up first. 

Now, hair oil is one of my favorite things to use, it's an amazing product.  I have been using this one from Garnier.  It really makes a difference in your hair, makes it shinny and soft and I love it...

And the last thing that I use in between washes is my Batiste dry shampoo.  It's perfect, totally recommend it.

That's it for my hair care routine.  Loving my products and loving how they are making my hair feel.  Happy girl right here :)