Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Book Review-The Lunar Chronicles Books 1-3

Cinder-Marissa Meyer

Book 1 of the Lunar Chronicle Series, this book is a re telling of our lovely Cinderella BUT let me tell you this, you will love Cinder.  She is not your typical princess, she is a cyborg mechanic who lives in Beijing China, which means she is not 100% human, she is actually 37.5% robot.  She lives with her adoptive family, a mother and 2 daughters, the father died of the terrible disease that is attacking our planet.  The mother and 1 of the daughters don’t like Cinder, but the younger daughter loves Cinder.  Cinder is a mechanic and spends her days offering her services in the fair, which is where she meets Prince Kai, when he went there looking for her to fix her android.  When Cinder’s little sister contacts the disease and dies, the mother volunteers Cinder to the palace for research in finding the cure for the disease.  There is finds out that she is immune to the disease and she agrees to help Dr. Flynn in finding a cure.  There is where she bumps into the prince again and again and they start to bond and talk.  Thinks starts getting weird and also going to downhill when the Emperor dies and the Queen of Luna comes to visit Earth.  At the end of the book Cinder is in jail, for what? Well, you just have to read the book to find out. 
Great book, great series, I totally recommend this book in a heartbeat.

Scarlet-Marissa Meyer

Book 2, wow, that’s how I’m going to start this review.  I love Marissa Meyer’s writing and the way she introduces you to totally different characters that somehow blend perfectly together.  In book 2 Cinder is trying to escape prison and she finds help on the way, which is when we meet Thorne, a prisoner.  Then we meet Scarlet and Wolf, 2 characters and story line that keeps you wondering how they are going to blend in with Cinder and then boom, it happens and it’s perfectly written.
Let me tell you a little about Scarlet (the little red hood), she lives in France and her grandmother is missing and she will do anything, I mean anything to find her even when the police gives up on the case.  She meets Wolf, a street fighter that tells her that he has information about her grandmother and can help Scarlet find her.  And they do and things don’t go according to plan and on the way she meets Cinder and things get 100% more complicated. 

Cress-Marissa Meyer

Book 3, and I think my favorite of the series so far, let’s not forget there is another book coming out next year, I cannot wait for it.  Well let’s go back to the review.  In this book we meet Cress, which is the re telling of Rapunzel, she is a shell and from Luna.  She has been stuck in satellite since she was a little girl, she is the Queen’s programmer and IT person up there.   But she is tired of living that way and she is not a fan of the Queen, so she doesn’t think twice when Cinder contacts her to help them out.  During the rescue things go down south and Cress and Captain Thorne are left on the satellite and crashing to Earth.  You really get to know Thorne in this book; he is funny, courageous and just amazing. 
Cinder is still finalizing a plan to save Kai and it’s a crazy plan but everyone is on board and ready to help her.  During the rescue of Cress, Scarlet is taken as a prisoner to Luna, Wolf is devastated but still ready to help Cinder.  One of the Queen’s soldier is left behind with Cinder and uses him to help her thinking that he knows about her been the Princess but he is there to help the Princess but it’s not Cinder, it’s Winter, the Queen’s stepdaughter.  Lots of action happened on this book which by the end it just left you craving for more of this story.  I don’t want to spoiler the end, but you can say that Cinder’s plan was pretty great.

So, if you haven’t start reading this series, please do yourself a favor and go read it, it’s just to amazing for you not too.  That’s it for now…