Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Book Review-The Maze Runner Trilogy

Book Review Time, today I'll be reviewing The Maze Runner Trilogy.  I am going to be honest, I was really excited to read this trilogy and I may have set my expectations a little to high and therefore I was a little disappoint with these books.  There were good books but I just was expecting more...but let's get to it:

The Maze Runner: Thomas wakes up in a box with a lot of boys around him, he doesn't remember anything about his life besides his name.  The boys welcome Thomas to the Glade, they are known as the Gladers.  They show Thomas around the Glade, telling him the jobs they do including going out into the maze to see if they find out how to get out of there.  They too don't know anything about themselves besides their first names, they only one that once a month a new boy comes, but the things are going to change especially when the next day a girl shows up in the box with a message that threatens everything.
It was a good read, it did take me a little bit of time to get into the book and once I did I enjoyed.  And the last few chapters was what really got me enjoying it a lot, when the Gladers are ready to escape the Glade and the Maze.  It was a great finishing for a first book in a trilogy.

The Scorch Trials: The second book picks up right away where the first book ended.  The Gladers are out of the Maze/Glade but things are not what they seem.  Things are not over for them yet, they are now faced with another challenge in order to be "free", they have to go open rounds of the destroyed planets in order to get to the Cure.  We get to know WICKED more and I really hate those peoples...I know it's just a book but, come on, they were cruel.  There are a lot more action in the book and poor Thomas, I felt bad for the kid and all of they too.  I really liked Minho, he wasn't afraid to take charge and lead everyone.  After I finished this book I was ready to read the 3rd, it was a great read this one.

The Death Cure: Thomas, how many times can WICKED play with all those kids.  They survived the Scorch Trials and now they are at WICKED, where they tell them that all the lies are over, they will be able to restore their memories and be done with.  But what they don't know is that Thomas remembers a lot more than they think and he will not allow them to touch him again, will not allow them to play with his brain again.  And he is not alone, Minho and Newt and they together plan an escape.  However they are not the only ones planning to escape so they adventure begins once again.
This book was a page turner one and I just couldn't put it down, it was full of action (my favorite in any books) and the end, OMG, I cannot believe it, totally not what I was expecting.  Overall it was a great book, this trilogy started slow but it picked up in the 2nd and 3rd book.  I loved how we got to meet more characters and see some old ones too.

Rating time, I give it a 3.8 (can I give that?).  Overall it was a good reading and I do recommend.