Wednesday, May 9, 2012

April 2012 Favorites

It's May, can you believe it?  Holy Molly, this year is are my favorites for the month of April:

I reached for this palette all month long...still loving it

I don't even know why I never included this product on my favorites list before, it's the liquid eyeline that I have been using it for MONTHS...I really like how easy it is to apply and it last all day long.

I keep this lip balm at my desk at work, and reach for it multiple times a day.  I love how it makes my lips feel...

I have been using this mist all month, there were mornings that I instead of using a perfume I used this.  I just love how it smells and it last a pretty good time on you.

Loving this lotion...I use it everytime I get out of the shower.  I love all BBW lotions, but this one is my current favorite.  The smell is perfect, not too strong...

Who doesn't get hungry during the evening while watching TV?  I sure do and I hate when you don't know what to eat and start eating every junk food there is in the house. I found these at Walmart last month and I love them.  It's crispy like a potato chip but a whole lot healthier.  YUMMY

I have a family member that LOVES playing iPad games, so she introduce me to this one, and I really enjoy playing this one.  It's funny and it keeps your brain working :)  Go ahead, try it and be a kid again.

I signed up again for Netflix on a rainy day a couple months ago (the kids were going crazy and there was nothing good on TV at that time).  I started looking to see which movies/TV shows they had it and I came across Brothers and Sisters.  I had heard really good things about so I started watching it. And guess what? I love it. In 1 month I have watched about 2 and 1/2 seasons.  I'm loving it.  I watch it almost every night on my iPad.  If you have never watch Brothers and Sisters and have a big complicated family, go and watch this show, you'll love it.  It's hilarious but at the same time it makes you cry.  Love it, Love it, Love it...