Monday, March 5, 2012

February Favorites...

Hi all,

Time for my favorites products, including a little more than makeup:

Maybelline Baby Lips...I've been using the Peppermint one this month and I love.                                                                        

Maybelline Color Tattoo, I really love these and currently I have 5 of them.

Sigma Foundation Brush...I have always liked to apply my foundation with my fingers or a beauty sponge, but for some reason this month I reached for this brush and that's all I have been using to apply foundation.

Nivea Honey...I never, never go to bed without lip balm, and let me tell you why? My lips are dry, really dry that if I don't apply lip balm at bedtime, there are times that I wake up with bleeding lips...I'm loving this one.

Elf Blush/Bronzer it, the blush is so soft and the bronzer is perfect.  I love finding "new" products on your own drawers.

Key Necklace by Open Hearts Collection...My Favorite jewelry for this month.  My hubby gave me this necklace last year for Valentine's day and I wore this so much and then the summer came and it was forgotten in my jewelry box.  And surprisingly I got it out on Valentine's day this year again.  I love it.

MK bag, I got it the very beginning of February and I can't stop using it, I love how roomy it it, love it, love it...

Favorite App: Tiny Tower...addicting little game that's all I gotta say...Try it.

Favorite Book goes to: Twilight saga...I'm a huge Twilight fan but only by watching the movies.  But I finally gave in and started reading the books, in 2 weeks I have read 3 1/2 books, yes I'm almost done. And guess what I'll be reading next: The Hunger Games...YEAH

Well that's my favorites for the month of February, who is a Twilight Fan? Which books do YOU recommend?
Let me know,