Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Huge Beauty Haul...

Okay, I didn't know how much I had actually bought this past week until I took these pictures...there was a pretty good deal on CoverGirl cosmetics with a high value coupon, and not's forget about Clinique, I'm almost out of my moisturizer so I went to get a bottle at Macy's and to my surprise they were giving out a free gift with any purchase over $21.50, below is also some products that I have been meaning to try and that I needed...take a look :)

Clinique: Macy's
CoverGirl: CVS/Target
Neutrogena: RiteAid/Walgreens
Biore: Walgreens
Olay Cleanser: Target
L'Oreal Lipsticks: Target
Almay: RiteAid