Friday, September 2, 2011

My Baby Girl!!!

Tuesday 8/30 was a very special day, my baby girl turned 2!!! Yes, she is 2 already, where did my newborn go?  Even though I miss my little one being little, I can't complaint to much, she is at that stage that she is starting to talk on complete sentences but doesn't pronounce all the letters yet (how cute is that, I should make a video of her talking). 

And did I tell you how girly girl she is, COME ON, she is 2.  I didn't know that at that age you could be sooooo girly :)  I do my nails once a week and to tell you the truth, I try to do them when the kids are not around so the nails can dry completely and not have to re do them a hundred times again.  Okay, where was I? Ah, so when I do my nails and little Samantha is around, she sits on the floor, takes her shoes off and ask me to do her nails too, I know it's way to cute and who can resist, I know I can't...

Even though she is a girly girl, let me tell you that she can beat her 7 (almost 8) yearl old she is a little manipulative.  She knows how to get everything she wants.  People always tell me, little girls have their fathers wrapped around their little fingers, let me tell you this little girl has EVERYONE wrapped around her finger.

I have been trying to post this since Tuesday, but my oldest is training extra hard for his 1st degree Black Belt (I know, how exicting is that :)), so things are more crazy then usually, don't ask me how that is possible, but that it is, it is.

Here are a collage of pictures of our little Princess/Trouble Maker since she was born up until Tuesday :)  Ah, her birthday party is next Saturday 9/10 (can't do Labor Day weekend, a lot of people are still on vacation). Her theme? CANDY SHOP...I think I may be more exicted them her, candy, candy, candy!!!

Enjoy the Pictures:

A few hours old:

 My Princess with her Bday gift from Mommy, her favorite cartoon characters (Caillou & Rosie):
 And her favorite man of her life, Daddy:

Hope you like it...